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Seamless Round Tube and Seamless Square Tube

Seamless steel pipes are roughly divided into two types, one is seamless steel pipe round pipe, and the other is seamless steel pipe square pipe.

The main use of seamless round pipes is in the pipeline and machinery industries, such as oil pipelines and natural gas pipelines, as well as natural gas pipelines, etc.; there is also the machinery industry, where the semi-shafts on automobiles are made of seamless steel pipes, and Bicycle steel frame can also be used as a material for making boilers.

The seamless square tube is mainly used in the construction industry. Seamless steel pipes need to be derusted and painted before they are piped, while seamless square pipes need to be made first and then galvanized. The galvanizing methods are mainly divided into electro-galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing. We usually see Galvanized seamless square pipes are generally hot-dip galvanized, because the service life of hot-dip galvanized seamless square pipes is much longer than that of electro-galvanized seamless steel pipes, because the main purpose of seamless square pipes is construction, such as Steel structures, colored steel houses, etc. will inevitably be eroded by wind and rain. Over time, they may rust and rot, so a protective film must be put on the outside. But the paint looks ugly, and it can't help being exposed to the sun, so someone came up with a way to galvanize. Sure enough, the galvanized seamless square tube was very popular.

In addition, the seamless square tube is also used as a large frame for motorcycles, a main frame for electric vehicles, and so on. In addition, it is also used as a conduit for transmission wires. There are many styles and specifications of seamless steel pipes, each of which has its own role. In recent years, my country's petroleum pipeline industry and steel structure construction industry have developed very rapidly, which has also led to the development of seamless steel pipes.


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