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Company Profile, Nansteel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

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Company Profile, Nansteel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
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Who We Are 

Nansteel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, today an ISO - 9001:2008, certified Company. are a prominent Manufacturer, Stockist and Exporter of carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, structural section, fittings and OCTG in various materials including Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel. 

In standard size and as per our customers’ requirements and drawings. Products from Nansteel are used widely in Nuclear Power Plants, Thermal Power Stations, Atomic Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, and Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals.

Together with the know-how which technical power and the many years and spontaneity service, we supply the product of good quality with economies of scale to the customer. Moreover, it had become the company compared is equipping the best role of competitive power improvement with the customer. 

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What is Vision 

We offers a full line of mechanical and pressure products to ASTM, ASME, DIN, JIS, ISO and API including heat exchanger, condenser, boiler, IPS pressure pipe, and oil production tubular to serve the distribution, transportation, energy, heavy equipment and original equipment. 

The organization has adopted third party Inspection as per our customers specification established for our product before delivery and check and assure the quality of raw materials and final products. Why is that important? It gives you advantages; firstly we have steel being loaded onto vessel frequently and this has given us a great deal of experience that less frequent exporters can´t match. 

Our vision is to support our customers by supplying them with quality steel and with helpful, knowledgeable and friendly customer service. We believe its value is not only in the details of the product being supplied, but also in the Quality Process as well. This process insures consistent and meaningful communication, before, during and at the conclusion of every project we are involved with. 

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What is Experience

Our experienced sales, technical, quality control and production groups can meet the toughest project and piping requirements for your project whether it entails 10,000 feet or 10 feet. We have experience in all major market segments including oil/gas, power/energy, nuclear, chemical/petrochemical, water/waste water, pulp and paper, mining, food and beverage and pharmaceutical.

"Nansteel’s experience and knowledge of how the industry works makes for an easy transaction. The Nansteel team is easy to work with, professional, and their communication throughout the order process is outstanding.


Know more about Nansteel and any steel products, contact us:

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