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Casing Pipe

Casing Pipe

from 4 1/2 inch to 20 inch(48.26mm - 508mm)
R1(GROUP 1), R2(GROUP 2), R3(GROUP 3)

Casing Types:                                                                                                                                                          
Seamless Casing
ERW Casing

Casing Sizes:                                                         
from 4 1/2 inch to 20 inch(48.26mm - 508mm)
Nominal Weight:
from 9.5 lb/ft  to 169 lb/ft, from 9.5 ppf  to 169 ppf
R1(GROUP 1), R2(GROUP 2), R3(GROUP 3)

Casing Grade:                                                        
API 5CT J55/K55/N80/L80/P110/Q125/H40

Casing Connections:                                               




Road Bore Casing

Water Well Casing

Culverts Casing

Open Cut Casing

Oil and Gas Transmission Pipeline Casing

Drilling Casing – Surface Casing – Rathole Casing

Tunnel Casing

Casing Manufacturing Process                                                                                                                                       

❶ Steelmaking
Degassing and desulfurizing of the metal during the steelmaking process produce clean steel with low non-metalic inclusions and better surface finish.
❷ Hot Rolling
Advanced hot rolling results in hot coil with a fine grain structure and high dimensional accuracy.
❸ Spiral Looper
The spiral looper supplies a steady feed of coil downstream to the continuous edge milling, pipe forming and welding stands.
❹ Forming Stands
Heavy duty stands accurately form the incoming coil into pipe having a wide range of wall thickness and outside diameter.
❺ HF-Welder
“Welding Condition Monitoring and Controling System”, developed by NSSMC, produces high quality welds. Seams are inspected by ultrasonic testing.
❻ Welded Seam Heat Treatment
Heat treatment in the welded zone stabilizes the microstructure and gives it the same physical properties as the base metal. The exact seam position is determined by optical sensors for seam heat treatment, and ultrasonic and hydrostatic testing.
❼ Non-destructive Testing
Every length and entire surface of each T.U.F.-Pipe is subjected to a full line-up of non-destructive tests.
❽ Automatic Inspection
Every pipe is given a comprehensive check using automatic inspection equipment.
❾ Monitoring and Tracking System
T.U.F.-Pipe is monitored and tracked at every stage of production by on-line computers. All manufacturing data is stored by computer and can be made available in any form required by the customer.
❿ Marking
Automatic stencilling and die-stamping machines identify and clearly mark every pipe.
⓫ Threading
Advanced NC lathes cut high precision threads to order. Connectors for large O.D. casings are also available. The use of thread protectors is recommended to prevent damage to the connectors during handling, loading and pipe rolling.

Latest projects for casing                                                                                                               

Saudi Arabia
23# 5.5" P110, 300 000ft, Carbon steel, no upset connection, 10 000# burst   3000 pcs
45.5# 10.75", 80ksi, 300 000ft, Carbon steel, no upset connection, 10 000# burst  1500 pcs
32# 8 5/8", 80ksi, 300 000ft, Carbon steel, no upset connection, 10 000# burst  1000 pcs
Seamless casing tube without threaded and taper 273/260 mm x 3.0m
i)O.D: 273mm      
ii) I.D: 260mm         
iii)Wall thickness: 6.3mm minimum
iv)Suitable for ODEX drilling  240W-G2      
v) Standard API 5CT
vi)Connection of casing tube should be male and female type for smooth welding

API 5CT K55 PSL 1, Connection: BTC, Size:18 5/8”, Weight ppf: 87.5, OD(mm): 473.08, WT(mm): 11.05, Length(mtr): Theoretical Weight (kg)/meter): 134.21, Quantity CBM/M3: 134.28, Weight/Ton: 78.13, Meters: 6000
API 5CT K55 PSL 1, Connection: BTC, Size:18 5/8”, Weight ppf: 87.5, OD(mm): 473.08, WT(mm): 11.05 Length(mtr): 6.000 Theoretical Weight (kg)/meter): 2.69, Quantity CBM/M3: 134.28, Weight/Ton: 78.13, Meters: 12000
Approximate length of 10000m
Wire-warped screen type: pipe based
Base pipe: Seamless carbon steel casing; OD 9 5/8” Wt 36 Lb/ft Grade K-55
Perforation & pipe ends: 16mm diameter of hole (min. 16% open area) BTC acc to API 5B with pin &box thread protectors incl. safety ring (installed between screen jacket and base pipe)
Screen jacket (with V-shape wire) : Grade AISI 304L, slot opening 0.015” ( +/- 0.002”), profile wire size 2.1*2.4mm, support rod 2.1*2.4mm, overall length 5.300 – 5.800 mm including both pin&box but excluding thread protector (+0mm/-50mm) Effective screen length 4.300-4.800(+/-mm)
Approximate length of 30000m
10 3/4 ” Casing ERW Carbon steel casing ASTM/API 5L Grade B bevelled end mills standard varnish length approximate 12m OD 273.1mm with end protector MTC as per EN 7.09 WT
Approximate length of 4000m
14" O.D. H48 lb/ft, Range II API Standard 5CT or 5L Casing , bevelled end casing.made of carbon steel by ERW process .The pipe itself shall be black coated with paint.The length of each pipe should not exceed 10 m. ASTM standard is acceptable

Pipe Diameter φ88.9mm, wall thickness 10.92 mm, length 12m, Steel grade:N80 yield strength Fy ≥550Mpa; Qty - 1075 nos

United Arab Emirates
Seamless API Pipe Casing ( 9-5/8" ) 36 LBS/FT J55 Thread BTC Length R3
Casing 9-5/8" L80-1 / 11.99mm 47ppf BTC length 9.5-12.0m
Casing 7" L80-1 /  10.36mm 29ppf BTC length 9.5-12.0m

Casing coupling 13-3/8" N80 12.19mm 68ppf BTC, the quantity 3000 pcs
Casing coupling 9-5/8" L80-1 11.99mm 47ppf BTC, the quantity 3000 pcs
Casing coupling 7" L80-1 10.36mm 29ppf BTC, the quantity 3000 pcs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
13.375" casing, 72#, P-110 Grade. Threaded and coupled. 

Seamless tubing, size: 5-1/2",weight:20 PPF, grade:L80-Type 9CR 1 MO, PSL:1, thread type: premium 04 gas tight connection range 2, quantity: 15000 Mtr
Seamless casing, size: 9-5/8", weight: 47 PPF, grade:L80-Type 9CR 1MO, PSL:1, thread type: premiumgas tight connection range 3, quantity: 34000 Mtr
7" Casing pipes, 23 LB/FT, L80, BTC, R3, API 5CT quantity 20,000 ft
5" Casing, R3, J55, 13 PPF, BTC, API 5 CT quantity 30,000 ft
3 ½ tubing or 2 7/8" drill pipe quantity 20,000 ft

10-3/4" Casing, ERW Carbon Casing, API 5L, Grade B, beveled ends, mills’s standard varnish, Length approx.. 12 meter, OD 273.1 mm, with end protectors, Weight 31.23 LB/Ft, wall thickness 7.09 mm
Casing, 13-3/8", BTC thread, Grade-K55, thickness 9.65mm for 9m, API5CT


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